Family Owned

Focused on quality for more than 140 years
In 1876, Ignatius Briess was a young man living and working in his homeland of Moravia, Czechoslovakia. A grain trader and entrepreneur, he was also a young man who recognized a good opportunity when he saw one. Moravia was known throughout the world for the high-quality malting barley it produced, and demand for malt from the region was strong. So Ignatius built his own malthouse, changed his title from trader to maltster, and began marketing Briess Moravian Malt to brewers across Europe and other continents.

Within a few short years, Briess Moravian Malt gained a reputation as some of the finest quality malt in the world, highly sought by brewers worldwide. During the same time, second-generation Rudolf Briess introduced an innovative and successful malted flour ingredient to the European baking industry, branding it Maltoferm. The Briess family tradition of supplying fine quality malt and natural ingredients to beer and food manufacturers was established.

Five generations later
Briess has grown a lot since 1876. After 140 years of continuous family ownership, one thing it has not outgrown is tradition. Under the direction of CEO Monica Briess and fifth-generation sons Craig and Colin, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. continues to focus on its founding and core principles of quality and innovation. From our superior technical staff to our high quality and diverse product portfolio, all facets of Briess operate with one goal—helping our customers succeed.