Sustainability Program

For our environment, communities and people
Creating natural, specialty ingredients is our passion, passed down through five generations of Briess family ownership. Woven within the fiber of this passion is a deep connection with the land, agriculture and environment. These resources are the backbone of the Briess malting tradition…the resources that provide the consistent supply of pure, natural grains and starches needed to produce our finished ingredients.

We believe it is our inherent responsibility to be a good steward of these resources by operating in an environmentally responsible manner. During the past decade, studying and measuring the impact of our operations on the environment has resulted in significant decreases in energy and water usage. Ongoing environmental sustainability efforts continue to be defined and expanded, as we grow our focus to include all aspects of operations from supplier to packaging.

We also believe our responsibility extends beyond the environment, reaching into the communities in which we live and our number one resource—our people. Being a good neighbor, engaging in our communities, and creating a culture that motivates and inspires our staff, suppliers and trades are how we maintain the spirit of the goal set forth by Ignatius Briess in 1876—helping our customers succeed through quality and innovation.

Current key initiatives anchoring our multi-faceted Sustainability Program include:

  • Environment
    • Energy—Reduce consumption and emissions through bench marking, capital and operational improvements in existing and new construction
    • Water—Reduce consumption by searching out new and innovative process and system changes
    • Waste Stream—Regularly review processes and contributions to waste streams to minimize environmental impacts and maximize reuse and recovery
  • Communities
    • Be a good neighbor and employer of choice
    • Engage with and contribute to our communities through volunteerism, donations and education
    • Build partnerships with local utilities to improve efficiencies on energy and water usage
  • People
    • Continue to cultivate a culture based on respect, honesty, positive attitude, safety, quality and integrity.
    • Empower and support our people to help them realize their full potential professionally and personally