Our Communities

Being a good neighbor
At Briess, we take pride being a fifth generation family company, with a rich history in malting and food ingredients. A decades-long family tradition lends to a sense of connection that extends to our employees and the communities in which we operate:

We strive to be an employer of choice, providing living wages and family-oriented benefits that promote health and well-being. The communities where we work are foundational to our way of life, and our engagement reflects a humble appreciation for the privilege of being a good neighbor. Our roots run deep, as does our commitment to support local charities, work cooperatively with schools and other businesses, and in partnership with municipalities. Our ability to optimize energy and water usage is greatly enhanced with cooperative efforts forged with local and regional utilities.

Snapshot of partnerships, engagement and support

  • Partnership with the public utility provides efficiently produced energy for our entire Manitowoc campus.
  • Partnership with a local dairy diverts high-strength liquid waste from the wastewater treatment plant to a bio-digester, where it helps generate a continuous 1.5 megawatts of electricity.
  • Briess riverfront property and parking is open for public use and home to the summer Farmer’s Market.
  • Briess supports Old World Wisconsin, one of 12 museums and historic sites owned and operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society.
  • Briess supports multiple youth livestock auctions in Wyoming and Montana barley growing regions, and non-profit and charity activities in all communities.
  • Many Briess employees are active in their communities, volunteering as firefighters, local elected officials, EMTs, youth sports coaches, and church and non-profit organization leaders.